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The Button-free VR/AR controller for gaming and beyond.





The button-free VR/AR controller for gaming and beyond

etee is the first of its kind finger, touch, gesture and pressure sensing controller. Powered by TG0’s patented technology.

A controller without buttons… it’s that simple

etee offers you a better way to play. No need to memorise your button layout. No need to keep hold of a heavy controller that makes your hand ache. Just slip etee on, and enjoy smooth control from every finger. Direct the play via the touch, proximity, pressure and gesture of your fingers. No buttons.

No distractions, just fantastic, intuitive, play.

How can you have a controller without buttons?

Our team are tactile control specialists. We have patented finger-sensing technology that allows gamers and enterprise users to control any electronic interaction via the power of touch and pressure. etee harnesses this technology for a more natural way to play. Instead of heavy controllers with buttons sticking out, you get a perfectly-formed control surface that reacts to every brush, curl and touch of your fingers - and best of all that sensitivity can be adjusted to your individual needs.

Lightweight Design

The ergonomic design of etee let's you game to your heart's content without the downsides of conventional controllers.

Intuitive Button-Free Control

Built-in precision sensors track your fingers every movement to provide real-time accuracy.

Full Analog Sensor Input

etee can detect even the most slight finger movements to provide accurate, real-time animations in game.

Gamers, artists, innovators: This is the controller for you.

etee is lighter than other controllers and worn rather than held. Slide in your fingers and get going.

Intuitive, immersive, easy, and fun to use.

etee SteamVR

You may have noticed 3rd party trackers attached to our controllers in some of our online content. We’re working on something much better.

We've developed our own SteamVR tracking solution. Lighter, more elegant than existing solutions.

Fully compatible with OpenVR/SteamVR light houses V1 and V2 and headsets. Supported by drivers and functionality developed by TG0 in collaboration with experts in the field - Triad Semiconductor and Tundra Labs.

The SteamVR tracker is fully integrated, versatile and robust, and detachable.

Choose the right etee for you.

etee SteamVR

Plug and Play Gaming

  • Size 5.3*5.1*2.7 inches / 136*130*70 mm

  • Weight 120 grams

  • Battery 6HR+ Play Time / 12HR+ Standby

  • SteamVR full compatibility

  • Six degrees of freedom tracking

  • Compatible with HTC light houses


etee DevKit

Complete Control

  • Size 5.3*2.3*1.18 inches / 136*60*30 mm

  • Weight 75 grams

  • Battery 8HR+ Play Time on battery / 18HR+ Standby

  • Legacy game library access

  • Three degrees of freedom with gyro

  • Advanced development kits


Expect best in class features.

Full Analog Input

Control via every finger - Proximity, touch and pressure sensing. etee can detect the slightest finger movements for precise control.

Highly Compatible

etee features a versatile binding system allowing it to work with all your favourite games and software.

Haptic Touch

Feel the impact of your gestures with the powerful haptic touch motor.

Thumb Pad

Tap, swipe and scroll through your favourite applications. A precise thumb pad can sense your every movement.

Absolute Immersion

Intuitively move, rotate and scale objects in 3D space with precision using two etee controllers together.

Hygienic Surface

A water resistant unibody skin wraps around the entire controller, making it easy to wipe down after each use.

RGB Customization

Personalize your controllers to match your setup colour scheme with a wide range of colour options.

Enterprise Ready

Deep integration and customization options let us collaborate on your next game or application.

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