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etee is the first of its kind finger-tracking controller. Powered by TG0’s patented technology.

etee allows user to control VR without gloves, camera, or other encumbering equipment. etee is lightweight and intuitive to use. The controller has a battery life up to 6 hours that enables the user hours of time to build, explore, and immerse themselves into the world of VR.

How it works?

etee can detect 4 fingers tracking. It has a proximity sensing function (shown in green) and a pressure sensing function (shown in orange) in the UI. It has a multi-function track pad on the top. Also, it can recognize gestures, including point, pinch and squeeze, and can be programmed for more.

Controller Breakdown And Specs


1 pair of controllers

2 USB cables

1 dongle

Including UI Driver Documentation


6 months
technical support SDKs
(Python /C++ /Unity)