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We have worked with polymers including TPE, TPU, PC, ABS, EVA Foams and Silicone Rubber. We can incorporate the technology into other materials and finishes like fabrics, faux leather, aluminium and IMU/IML foils. We are always researching new materials. Reach out in case you have a material that you are considering and looking to incorporate our tech.
Through smart structural engineering and algorithmic and ML software methods, we are able to turn normal plastics into smart sensing surfaces that detect not only if you are touching but where and how you are touching. It provides highly accurate pressure signals and it can be moulded to any 3D shapes that facilitate a wide range of interactions including push, pull, twist, slide, tilt, press and more you can come up with.
Our approach uses off-the-shelf components that are easily sourced and can be freely scaled up or down in response to your requirements. We use injection moulding as our primary manufacturing method (with no discrete embedded electronic sensor networks). For specific competitor comparison, please reach out and we will directly address your enquiries.
We have delivered against a wide range of CMF (Colour Material Finish) requirements. Enabled by the injection moulding process, tooling treatments can be done to gain glossy, grain, and leather or fabric textured finishes. We have also implemented alternative finishes on surface materials including fabrics and metal.
Yes, we’ve incorporated lighting effects into our products. We have a range of methods that can be leveraged depending on your needs, LED lens overmoulding included, creating effects such as “dead lightning” or hidden-until-lit.
We use off-the-shelf components and polymers, and established, non-proprietary manufacturing methods. Any underlying limitations stem from the components themselves. The way we work is to not limit the imagination of our customers and encourage you to ask for the best possible version of the product you want that can be realised. We have a track-record of delivering challenging projects in a fast and cost-effective manner. If we spot any limitations we will also communicate at the earliest possible point.
The only real limitations are based on what is injection mouldable.
Our technology has been validated under automotive standards, enduring 300,000 rounds of -40°C to +85°C heat cycles with no operational failure or physical deterioration.

Engagement Process

We use a conductive uniform moulded material as the sensing medium overmoulded with a top surface. Assuming the sensing material is conductive, connecting it to a microprocessor with capacitive sensing will generate signals based on touch. The core of our technology is to create sub-surface textures and internal structures of such materials in order to regulate the signal pattern so that with very few electrical connections (1-4) we can produce a touch trackpad/pressure sensor comparable to a metallic sensor-based solution. Our approach reduces cost, complexity and enables new interaction methods and total freedom of design.
We provide turn-key solutions with end-to-end new product development support. A dedicated team will be assigned to your project with expertise covering industrial design, mechanical engineering, embedded systems and algorithms development, machine learning and AI and others. We are able to take your concept from idea to mass manufacturing.
Typically a prototype takes 3-4 months. Full product ready for mass manufacturing can take longer. We can discuss your timeline requirements once a project is scoped. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver high quality work on tight deadlines.
Yes, we’ve been pre-revenue ourselves before, and have launched a product, too. We understand the struggles a hardware company goes through to get that idea off the ground. We are open to conversation on how to help you get your product out into the market.


We work with a range of customers in various industries including automotive, gaming, consumer electronics, connected fitness, sports performance and others. Most of these relationships are confidential due to the product development work we are involved in. Our published partnerships include Novares and Futaba Corporation.
We work with our customers under strict confidentiality. As a first step we typically sign a mutual NDA before we progress to project scoping.
Please refer to the Applications tab. Most commonly we work in automotive, consumer electronics, gaming, connected fitness, smart home, wearables and metaverse. What’s particularly interesting about our technology is that we offer our customers a blank canvas that can be deployed across a range of use cases. Feel free to reach out if you have an idea you’d like us to work on.
Please use the Get in Touch form and share as much information as you are comfortable. We will schedule a follow up call to understand your needs better and assign a Technical Application Engineer to prepare a project proposal including costs and timelines.

You need to have a product in the market or looking to launch one. By the nature of our offering you need to be looking to build a hardware product that requires touch and/or pressure sensing. We need a project brief to get us started. If you don’t have one we can help you in formulating one.

Our customers typically rate the technology highest on cost saving, simplicity of manufacturing and flexibility of design. The team has received high marks on customer service, ability to deliver complex projects on tight deadlines.