Automotive HMIs

TG0’s patented moulded-material sensors allow automotive manufacturers to fully customise controller’s 3D shape to be ergonomic and intuitive, and allow drivers and passengers to operate the controls without visual distraction. The patented technology combines sophisticated surface engineering and intricate signal processing and machine learning to sense touch location, gesture and pressure via an injection moulded, […]

Audio & Headphones

Increased Functionality Fit more interactions into one control using: Multi-touch, multi-area detection Touch and proximity sensing Gesture recognition Pressure mapping and force sensing User First Technology Design the optimal user experience Add touch sensing functionality even on the most challenging and varied surfaces and materials Fewer components and sensors allow for new designs, features and […]

Gaming Controllers

New Interaction Modes Reimagine controllers and gaming accessories      Gestural commands     Capacitive touch and proximity sensing     Pressure and force sensing     Full finger tracking  User-Centred Design Design controllers and accessories for the optimal user experience      Reinvent functionality without added complexity     Integrate into existing materials     Increase ergonomics, intuitive control, adaptability and customisation     Create modular products for changing user […]