etee used in post-stroke research study

Researching the feasibility of using VR & etee to help post-stroke survivors The University of Wales is conducting a pilot study investigating the feasibility of using Virtual Reality with etee on finger function in post-stroke survivors.  Click below to read more about how etee is contributing to the research. A pilot study investigating the feasibility […]

TG0 x Nova Car 3: Enhancing User Experience

“Featuring innovations aimed at enhancing the user experience, this vehicle brings together all the innovations that make car travel smooth, quiet, comfortable, and convenient. From technology to reduce road and engine noise, to haptic touch controls and stylish displays, the car displays the latest innovations in in-car comfort.” Read the full breakdown click HERE Contact us […]

From Vision to Reality: Get to Prototype Faster with TG0

G0’s patented technology, can-do culture and incredible depth of expertise make it an ideal partner for your innovation projects. Successful innovation is rarely the result of divine inspiration alone. Instead it’s usually a combination of talent, technical expertise, experimental and experiential mindsets, curious natures, and sheer bloody-minded determination. TG0 offers all of the above. Our […]

Meet microcontrollers – the tiny chips that can drive your innovations

Choose a microcontroller-agnostic design partner for faster, less expensive innovation projects. Microcontrollers, also known as MCUs, are everywhere. These miniscule mini-computers can be found in almost every type of electronic product. Headsets, washing machines, hairdryers, smartphones… they all depend on MCUs. In fact, according to this article*, you have at least 20 MCUs in your […]

Modular products: All you need-to know

TG0 is helping businesses create innovative user-centric modular products Building Better with Modular Designs TG0 is helping businesses create innovative user-centric modular products, with smarter electronic connections and an emphasis on sustainability at end-of-life. We all love Lego, don’t we? It lets our imagination run wild. It gives us the power to create anything we […]